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Procar Window Tint is located on Central Florida and have more than 15 years experience.  We are Tesla Experts and provide a prime service in all jobs.

All Installers are certified and we provide lifetime Warranty.

Over 15 Years of Experience in the Window Tint and Car Wrap Services.

Protect you your car and residence
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Automotive window tint does a lot more than just give glass a sleek, custom look. The benefits are truly impressive. We use a variety of technologies to fight the sun’s undesirable side effects: AC that can’t keep up, scorching hot surfaces, eye-irritating glare, and harmful UV ray exposure. Explore our ceramic, metallized, dyed and clear tint options to find the product that’s right for you. Preview all the available shades with our Tint simulator

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We want every customer to rave about their car or truck, and love our work. We have an enthusiastic attitude and a passion for excellence.

Window Tint & Paint Protect

Our window tinting shop in Orlando offers full and partial tinting for passenger cars, crossovers, SUV, limousine, vans, government vehicles, and more.



A car wrap is a series of vinyl decals that are placed over the body panels of the vehicle, letting you drastically change its appearance.


Car Detailing

Our trained professionals are ready to get to work for you, we have more than a decade of experience in Auto, Boat, Motorcycle, and RV detailing.
We use the newest product to give the best results.
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Procar Window Tint in Orlando, FL, specializes in window tinting. With more than 15 years of tinting car windows we’ve tried a lot of automotive films. As of 2022, We believe that XPEL make the best auto window tint films on the market. XPEL products deliver superior looks and durability at reasonable prices for automotive window tinting.

We’re more than just window tint installers. We strive for customer total satisfaction. Our window tinting experts offer free consulting to help you find the best tint film for your needs. We offer prompt scheduling, the best prices, and professional installation of XPEL films.


Let us help you find the perfect film for your vehicle.
From XPEL’s top of the line nano-ceramic, high-performance metallic hybrid, to stellar dyed window tint films, there is a solution for virtually any application.
All XPEL PRIME window tint is backed by owner-friendly lifetime transferable warranty. Ask us about . . .


If you're looking for maximum performance & protection from your window tint, look no further than nano-ceramic window film like PRIME XR PLUS. Ceramic tint is designed to block out the most infrared heat possible, while reflecting harmful UV rays to keep you safe. No matter the shade, ceramic window tint delivers results you expect.


For all-around performance and good looks to match, hybrid metallic window tint like PRIME HP BLACK is an optimal choice. Over a classic dyed window tint, metallic window tint will provide strong UV ray protection and heat rejection, with a true neutral, "blacked out" appearance for a level of privacy that looks straight from the factory.


Don't let the name fool you - dyed window tint is hardly a thing of the past. With all the advances in modern film technology, PRIME CS BLACK will change the way you think about dyed tint, delivering UV protection and a look that's made to last a lifetime.